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A stabilized gantry, integrated pneumatically covered tool magazine, LCD flat-panel display, polycarbonate side windows and a removable chip cart on wheels are just a few extra features that distinguish the M8. The M8's vibration-dampening concrete polymer machine table can be ordered with a 36" knock-out as a free option. The controller works with virtually any software and offers Ethernet networking capability, as well as remote monitoring and control, allowing the machine to seamlessly integrate into any manufacturing environment.

The M8 is a five-axis trunnion machining center that can access five sides of a part, and complete the part in a single set-up. According to Datron, the 5-axis M8 is ideal for producing medical components, aerospace parts and electro-mechanical parts. In conjunction with 5-axis capabilities, Datron also offers a robotic interface and a pick and place system for automated manufacturing. Murphy explains, "Customers who make use of the M8 with these options are generally at in front of their industry."

The M8 high-speed machining center features a steel bridge reinforced with polymer concrete for superior stability and support for heavier spindles. Spindle options include a 2kW , water-chilled 60,000 RPM spindle and a 3kW, 40,000 rpm, HSK-E 25 spindle. Other available options include a Z-Correction Probe that measures surface irregularities and compensates for them dynamically, a 3D Probe Extension that enables Z-Correction Probe to function in 3D , a Renishaw TP20 Probe for complex part measurement, Vacumate and Quick-Pallets workholding for quick setup and a Digital I/O that provides 8 outputs from the CNC control.According to Datron Dynamics Vice President, Robert Murphy, "The 5-axis M8 is the only machine in this price range that provides 5-axis capabilities for producing small parts requiring tight tolerance. Competitive machines either don't have a 5-axis option or are very expensive."

Automatic tool change options include up to 30-tool "station-style" rack with tool- length sensor for the 2kW spindle and a 10-tool changer for the 3kw spindle.This year at will unveil an automated, 5-axis, high-speed machining center designed for small part manufacturing.


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