Advisory board

Each year, teachers and staff the various campuses are invited to nominate a business person who exhibits the characteristics admired by schools, educators and employees. The nomination form asks the nominating PCTC employee to rate candidates on their commitment to supporting education, and supporting and participating in providing opportunities for mentoring, job shadowing, field trips, career technical student organizations, and community service projects.

Candidates usually have been involved in a committee or advisory board which aims to advance the goals of Pioneer CTC, and have demonstrated commitment to the passing of school levies for the center. Candidates are rated for their commitment to hiring PCTC students — both high school and adult education students. Finally, candidates are rated on whether or not they take advantage of Pioneer CTCC training opportunities for their businesses.

He was honored as Pioneer Career and machining center annual all-board member and administrator dinner. Hess graduated from Pioneer CTC’s precision machining progrram in 1986, and opened his own machining business — Hess Industries Ltd., Mansfield — in 1999.Hess was nominated by Doug Atwell, whose comments describe Hess as “selfless” in his support of the PCTC machining program of which Hess is an alumnus. Hess serves on the program’s advisory council, and provides a wide variety of resources to the program in the form of donated materials as well as his time.

“I am very honored to be receiving this award,” says Hess. “I feel all alumni should give something back to Pioneer, and that’s what I’m doing.”

For example, Hess will be acting as host to the machining program students at the upcoming Precision Machining Technology Show at the Columbus Convention Center at the end of April. His goal is to assure each student get maximum benefit from attending the show.

He says Hess is willing to go the extra mile for Pioneer CTC students, even paying one of his employees for time spent participating when high school sophomores visit the campus, in addition to being on hand himself to encourage students to enter the maching program. Hess is an alumnus of the program, owns his business, and employs program graduates.

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