Collection applications

The Smog-Hog MSH is ideal for mist collection applications such as metal drilling, CNC machining, screw machines, plastic extruding and finishing. Accessories include mounting installation kits, drain bottle and drain loop assembly.

The compact MSH arrives fully assembled and ready for installation directly onto a machining center or suspended from the ceiling. It is extremely quiet with sound levels less than 72dbA, and is available in horizontal and vertical mounting configurations.

"The availability of a smaller Smog-Hog system allows facilities to easily make changes to their production lines while still remaining compliant with OSHA's air pollution control regulations." says David Gelb, Air Filtration Manager - The Americas.United Air Specialists, Inc. announces the MSH mist collector as the newest addition to the Smog-Hog line of electrostatic precipitators (ESP). Measuring at only 27" x 21" x 20", the compact MSH is equipped with the largest capacity ESP collection cell in the industry, which captures three to four times the amount of fume than other similar systems-leading to fewer cleanings and added cost savings.

The Smog-Hog MSH utilizes a variable speed drive motor producing air volume up to 500 CFM, which enables users to adjust airflow and overall energy use as needed. Additionally, the MSH uses a heavy-duty mist-stop coalescing pre-filter and metal mesh after-filter for maximum contaminant collection.

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