Greatest Utilization

Tools always carry their individual data with them like a pedigree so they can be optimally used and managed. With Industrial RFID tags embedded in the tool holder, tools are optimally utilized by ensuring precise, up-to-date tool life information and accurate transferring tool offset data between Presetter, machine, tool crib, etc. The nominal/actual wear is accurately logged and maintained with the tool and can be kept in a tool database which allows continuous, automatic monitoring and in turn maximum tool utilization.

Automatic tool identification with Balluff's industrial RFID systems provides a quantum leap over risky manual or barcode-based tool ID and tracking methods. RFID based automatic tool identification, tracking, and management can provide significant cost savings and a return on investment (ROI) in as fast as 6 months. Tool ID replaces the unreliable method of manually transferring and entering tool data between Presetter and machining center. These systems ensure greatest possible tool utilization, less inventory, highest efficiency and minimal machine downtime, and significant reduction in scrap with maximum, consistent quality.

Balluff's tool ID systems provide complete tool data with extreme reliability, without physical contact, making them virtually maintenance-free. Information such as tool pocket location can be recalled at any time, even after removal from the tool magazine, since the information is always located on the tool itself. This data is never lost, since paper and labels have been eliminated. While locating or replacing a tool, the tool data is sent electronically, avoiding the unreliable and error-prone method manually typing the data into the machine center that can cause tool underutilization or even machining center damage. With the automation of tool data entry, machine uptime can be significantly improved, maximizing operation up-time.

Significant reduction in scrap with maximum, consistent quality Balluff's Industrial RFID is extremely reliable in storing and transferring complete tool information. This means nominal tool life or wear of the tools cannot be inadvertently exceeded, which would negatively affect quality. With automatic tool ID, incorrect manually entered data that can cause expensive tool crashes, broken tools or spindles, setup errors, and bad quality parts can be eliminated, significantly reducing scrap, while increasing machine uptime.

Capture and track real-time tool information with Balluff Industrial RFID sytems.

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